The Blue Book

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Introduction Preview Part I The origin of Decred The utility of criptoassets Digital currency and metapayments Liquidity and scarcity Blockchain PoW mining Descentralization and consensus PoS mining PoW + PoS Security through hash power Professional mining with ASICs Evaluating a cryptoasset project Decentralized apps Forks Attacks Decrediton Setup .How to obtain Decred? Preview .Sending and receiving DCRs via Decrediton Preview Deleting the wallet Part II The Decred structure A brief notion of cryptography Verifying digital signatures .Verifying digital signatures: Debian Linux Preview .Verifying digital signatures: Electrum Preview .Digital signature with Decrediton Preview Security hardening for digital wallets Decred Blockchain Politeia and hard fork governance Key generation on Decred .Using dcrseedhextowords Preview .One seed, one wallet Preview .Offline wallets with dcraddrgen Preview Running dcrd on Raspberry Pi Running dcrwallet on Raspberry Pi Part III .Installing Go (golang) Preview .Installing dcrd Preview .dcrd as a Linux service Preview .Sharing dcrd Preview Decred through proxies and VPNs Decred through Tor network Decred behind Portknocking .Decrediton on Tails Preview dcrdata: running your own block explorer .Creating a test environment Preview .Testing Decred on Testnet dcrwallet and dcrctl Exploring the block explorer Using an external dcrwallet .Digital certificates for RPC connections Preview .Installing dcrseeder Multisignature dcrwallet and dcrctl, part 2 Atomic Swaps Lightning Network dcrtime dcrpayments