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Security hardening for digital wallets

16 minute read

This article discusses security controls that reduce the risk of unauthorized access or misuse, information leakage and unauthorized physical access, mostly.

The Decred structure

16 minute read

To understand how Decred works and make the most of it, you need to understand the types of networks, components, connections and addresses.

Verifying digital signatures

9 minute read

The verification of digital signatures ensures that a message wasn’t altered and that the sender is the one who ‘signed’ the message, the owner of the key pa...

A brief notion of cryptography

4 minute read

To have a better understanding of what it is and how a blockchain works, one must know a few things about cryptography. Hashes, cryptographic key pairs and d...

The origin of Decred

13 minute read

Decred is a cryptoasset that uses its own blockchain, all of its code is open source, and its protocol has a lot in common with Bitcoin’s. Decred was designe...

Decrediton Setup

6 minute read

Decrediton is the official Decred graphical wallet. It is open source, developed by the Decred developers team and is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Deleting the wallet

2 minute read

The deletion of a wallet can be done manually ou using Decrediton. dcrwallet doesn’t have any option for wallet deletion or replacement.

Installing Go (golang)

1 minute read

Go is the language used in the Decred Project and is a prerequisite for virtually all source code made available by developers, as well as for some tools onl...

Installing dcrd

8 minute read

dcrd is a full node implementation of a Decred network blockchain server written in Go.

dcrd as a Linux service

7 minute read

Linux services can be configured to self-heal through init systems, or service managers. Service managers start, restart, and terminate services according to...

How to obtain Decred?

7 minute read

There are a few ways to obtain Decred, from buying to mining. Learn here the steps for those who want to exchange Bitcoin or fiat currency for Decred the eas...

Verifying digital signatures: Electrum

1 minute read

Electrum is one of most used wallets for Bitcoin. But before installing any software we should always verify its digital signature, if available.

Sharing the dcrd

3 minute read

Sharing a dcrd with other devices is useful for those who intend to use a blockchain server on the local network so that the blockchain will be copied from t...