Drafts in English

Creating a test environment

4 minute read

A dedicated test environment makes it easy to study Decred components and to create new applications.

Decrediton on Tails

14 minute read

Tails is an operating system based on Debian Linux that can be run directly from a USB flash drive. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity.

Digital signatures with Decrediton

2 minute read

Decrediton may be used to sign and verify digitally signed messages using Decred key pair. This verification is useful to prove than an address (public key) ...

Installing dcrseeder

3 minute read

dcrseeder is the Decred network aggregator, which exposes a list of trusted nodes using an internal DNS server.

Offline wallets with dcraddrgen

2 minute read

Dcraddrgen is an application written in Go that generates offline addresses (private key, seed) without having to run the wallet itself (Decrediton or dcrwal...

One seed, one wallet

2 minute read

It is very common to find questions about if it is possible to use the same seed on two (or more) different wallets. Yes, it is possible but not the best thi...

The Blue Book

1 minute read

Introduction Preview Part I The origin of Decred The utility of criptoassets Digital currency and metapayments Liquidity and scarcity Blockchain PoW mining D...

Using dcrseedhextowords

1 minute read

The tool dcrseedhextowords allows the user to convert a hexadecimal private key into the seed.